Announcing DAML SDK 1.1.0

May 7, 2020
By Bernhard Elsner
. May 7, 2020


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Announcing DAML SDK 1.1.0

DAML SDK 1.1.0 brings a lot of improvements under the hood, increasing performance, stability, security, and operational readiness for ledger integrators and operators. This is a focus we will also maintain over the next months on the SDK side.

In parallel, we are hard at work improving our educational and getting started experience. Following the recently improved WebSDK, we are now creating interactive DAML learning materials using that platform. You can try out the Getting Started Guide in interactive format now.


Release Candidate for DAML SDK 1.1.0

The preliminary release notes for DAML SDK 1,1.0. can be found here. A community open door session will be held Monday 11th May 2.30pm-3.00pm CET on Zoom.


  • New package management endpoints on the JSON API
  • Better TLS Support for the JSON API

What’s Next

Our priorities for the imminent future remain unchanged.

  • DAML Triggers currently need to be started one-by-one using the daml trigger command making them difficult to control dynamically at runtime. We are working on a solution to make them easier to use in practice.
  • We will work to complete the Websockets streaming part of the JSON API.
  • We will work to complete DAML REPL.
  • DAML will get a generic Map type as part of DAML-LF 1.9.
  • We will work to make the integration kit components used to build DAML Ledgers more performant.
  • We will continue to work on our release process and to tighten the interfaces between different components of DAML so that we can give clearer compatibility and long term support guarantees.

DAML has also a new learn section where you can begin to code online:

Learn DAML online

If you want to master DAML smart contracts, you should also read:


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