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Smart contracts, DABL, Architecture

Mar 11, 2020

'That’s awesome, but how do I architect this?'

By Eric Saraniecki
. Mar 11, 2020
This is a question that I hear often when introducing companies and developers to DAML and project:DABL. The story is clear - achieve much more through focusing on your application - but where to begin is not always so straightforward. There are some differences in building applications using DAML that have great returns when done ...
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Feb 19, 2020

Skip the Scaffolding with Project:DABL

By Eric Saraniecki
. Feb 19, 2020
So you’re an entrepreneur who’s dreamed up the Next Killer Idea?
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Partners, capital markets

Feb 13, 2020

How XBourse is building the financial market of the future with DAML and project: DABL

By Eric Saraniecki
. Feb 13, 2020
Tony Mackay has a history of disrupting financial markets. Mackay was a key member of the Instinet team that pioneered electronic trading in the ‘90s, and in the ‘00s developed INET (the markets and technology that powers NASDAQ). From 2007 onward, Mackay founded Chi-X, which evolved into the largest pan-European trading center and then ...
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Oct 10, 2019

From Concept to Production in under 10 minutes - Meet the DABL alpha

By Eric Saraniecki
. Oct 10, 2019
Most developers know that it takes far too long to build meaningful applications. Engineering teams get buried by necessary – but ultimately un-differentiating – design decisions and foundation building. Things like architecture choices, API and services integration, and maintaining and operating their systems. 
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Nov 13, 2018

The integral role of contract language in DLT interoperability

By Eric Saraniecki
. Nov 13, 2018
DAML ensures integrity and confidentiality within and across markets During 2018 we published a series of blogs describing DAML, our modeling language for developing smart contracts (if you missed the series, you can start here). That series focused on the contract developer’s point of view, detailing how DAML abstracts away the ...
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