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Smart contracts, Productivity, OpenWork

Mar 3, 2020

Inside the “Radically Transparent” OpenWork Suite

By Daniel Feichtinger
. Mar 3, 2020
We’re open sourcing OpenWork: 3 “radically transparent” productivity apps backed by smart contracts. The suite comprises Kanban boards, team chat, and a vacation tracker. The smart contracts which underlie the apps are designed to put more control in the hands of the users versus traditional apps which allow for unilateral control by the ...
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Smart contracts, Productivity, OpenWork

Feb 25, 2020

Smart Contracts for… SaaS apps?!

By Daniel Feichtinger
. Feb 25, 2020
We’re open sourcing OpenWork: 3 productivity apps backed by smart contracts. The suite comprises Kanban boards, team chat, and a vacation tracker. Smart contracts are often closely associated with financial transactions due to their history, but they’re more broadly applicable than that. Any app which needs transparent data management ...
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Feb 19, 2020

Skip the Scaffolding with Project:DABL

By Eric Saraniecki
. Feb 19, 2020
So you’re an entrepreneur who’s dreamed up the Next Killer Idea?
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Feb 18, 2020

Easy authentication for your distributed app with DAML and Auth0

By Robert Autenrieth
. Feb 18, 2020
DAML ledgers that are connected to the public internet need to be protected against unauthorized access. This is done using the same mechanism that is used to authorize the access to the backend of a regular web application: The ledger operator provides a token issuer service where users can authenticate themselves and acquire access ...
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Partners, capital markets

Feb 13, 2020

How XBourse is building the financial market of the future with DAML and project: DABL

By Eric Saraniecki
. Feb 13, 2020
Tony Mackay has a history of disrupting financial markets. Mackay was a key member of the Instinet team that pioneered electronic trading in the ‘90s, and in the ‘00s developed INET (the markets and technology that powers NASDAQ). From 2007 onward, Mackay founded Chi-X, which evolved into the largest pan-European trading center and then ...
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Smart contracts, Ricardian Contracts, Legal contracts

Feb 12, 2020

Smart Legal Contracts

By Arity Engineering
. Feb 12, 2020
This is a guest post by Arity, a technology company based in New York building next-generation contract software.
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Feb 3, 2020

Outcompeting Destructive Systems with Smart Contracts

By Talia Klein
. Feb 3, 2020
How to Leverage New Technology for Reducing Carbon Emissions and Plastic Waste The recent conversation at Davos centered around the critical importance of combating climate change by replacing destructive systems with both sustainable and economically viable solutions. In fact, our CEO, Yuval Rooz, recently participated on a panel hosted ...
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developer experience

Jan 27, 2020

Developer Experience (DX) 101: How to evaluate it via diary study

By Nemanja Memarovic
. Jan 27, 2020
Developer experience (DX) is the overall user experience (UX) developers have while engaged with a dev-related product, e.g., programming language, SDK, API, framework, library, docs, code examples etc. Having a great DX means that your users are more productive, content, and ultimately they are advocates of your product: all the reasons ...
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land registry, Records Management, Tokenization, Record Keeping

Jan 14, 2020

Beyond Tokenization

By Bernhard Elsner
. Jan 14, 2020
Many industries are on the brink of the next technological revolution in record keeping. Ten years after Bitcoin made its splash, we’re seeing many inspired by some of the benefits promised by the technology outside of the money use case:
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Dec 20, 2019

DAML Triggers - Off-Ledger Automation in DAML

By Moritz Kiefer
. Dec 20, 2019
In a full-stack DAML application, there usually are two types of components that interact with the ledger in addition to the DAML templates that you upload to the ledger. The first type is a component that provides the link between the ledger and the outside world. This is often just a web UI but it can also be something that integrates ...
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