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Oct 10, 2019

From Concept to Production in under 10 minutes - Meet the DABL alpha

By Eric Saraniecki
. Oct 10, 2019
Most developers know that it takes far too long to build meaningful applications. Engineering teams get buried by necessary – but ultimately un-differentiating – design decisions and foundation building. Things like architecture choices, API and services integration, and maintaining and operating their systems. 
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Sep 27, 2019

Barclays and ISDA DerivHack 2019

By Beth Sendra
. Sep 27, 2019
Following last year’s success, Digital Asset is partnering with Barclays and ISDA for DerivHack 2019 to provide participants with a ledger-as-a-service to simulate a common repository for CDM-based applications. This year, we invite you to leverage our platform and build atop of it using DAML with the support of Digital Asset ...
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capital markets

Sep 17, 2019

How can we eliminate reconciliation in financial markets?

By Vidyasankar Ramalingam
. Sep 17, 2019
Guest post by Vidyasankar Ramalingam, Senior Consultant at Atos, a global leader in digital transformation with over 110,000 employees in 73 countries and annual revenue of over € 11 billion.
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getting started

Sep 16, 2019

What DAML app can an intern build in 6 weeks?

By Jordan Mittleman
. Sep 16, 2019
This summer, I spent six weeks working at Digital Asset (DA) on the Enterprise Solutions team. As a rising junior computer science student at Duke University, I was excited about the opportunity to not only learn about smart contracts and secure multiparty workflows, but also put my skills to practical use. In the short time I spent at ...
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Sep 10, 2019

Quantum DAML: Amazon QLDB goes GA

By Dan O'Prey
. Sep 10, 2019
Today, Amazon announced the General Availability of QLDB, or Quantum Ledger Database. We are excited to share that we are working with Amazon to add QLDB to the list of platforms supporting DAML smart contracts as a seamless and easy option to build and operate tamper-proof and auditable applications.
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Sep 9, 2019

Reusable smart contract code with DAML Generic Templates

By Rohan Jacob-Rao
. Sep 9, 2019
Digital Asset's Rohan Jacob-Rao demos the new Generic Templates feature in the DAML SDK version 0.13.22.
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Jul 31, 2019

DAML + Forma: Automatically Deploy and Operate Synchronized DLT Workflows

By WorldSibu
. Jul 31, 2019
WorldSibu collaborates with Digital Asset to bring a multi-cloud automated infrastructure experience to DAML-driven solutions.
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Jul 23, 2019

Diamonds are Forever - Creating Asset Backed Tokens in DAML

By Brad Buck
. Jul 23, 2019
Guest post by Brad Buck, co-founder and VP of Strategy & Development Solutions, OpenCrowd, a custom blockchain and Fintech technology solution firm and Digital Asset Partner.
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Jul 9, 2019

ACH Payments on Smart Contracts — A DAML & Dwolla Example

By Dimitri Liakakos
. Jul 9, 2019
This is a guest post from Dimitri Liakakos . The original article was  posted on Medium  and is republished here with permission. Smart contracts are great tools for storing value in digital form as well as defining the behavior of how that value can be transferred, split, locked or simply destroyed. However, describing smart contract ...
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Jul 2, 2019

Bringing decentralized identity to the enterprise with DAML and NuID

By Ibrahim Pataudi
. Jul 2, 2019
User trust is harder than ever to earn and even easier to lose. Data breaches are commonplace and user privacy is threatened as a result. 
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