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Smart contracts, daml, ledger, principles of contract law, agreement, human relationships, distributed application, multiple party agreement diagram

May 12, 2020

How DAML smart contracts are digital twins of human relationships

By György Balázsi
. May 12, 2020
Pacta sunt servanda - also in the distributed digital world Part of the challenge I face daily is that I want to explain to partners and clients the essence and benefits of shared transaction systems in general and DAML-driven applications in particular.
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Smart contracts, daml, Kotlin, Java

Apr 28, 2020

Programming Smart contracts - A look into DAML, Kotlin & Java

By Harvey West
. Apr 28, 2020
The terms smart contract and blockchain have taken the world by storm as a means to transform how we collaborate and share information. The promise of not having to reconcile with each other constantly to determine which copy of data is true, and allowing all participating entities to share a single version of the business processes are ...
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DABL, Functional programming, daml, APIs

Apr 22, 2020

Calling Any API Through DAML

By Mike Schaeffer
. Apr 22, 2020
Editor’s note: This post is the fifth in our series “How to Make the Most of the DAML Application Framework.” Part 1 introduced the fundamentals of DAML/DABL architecture, and Part 2 explained how that architecture simplifies the challenges of user authentication. Part 3 discussed how it speeds front-end development, and Part 4 discussed ...
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Apr 14, 2020

Unbounded tech stacks with DAML

By Anthony Lusardi
. Apr 14, 2020
When you create an application you can be reasonably assured that the program starts and stops at its runtime with fairly flexible interfaces for data persistence such as relational SQL, document stores, key value stores, time series dbs, etc. So it comes as quite a shock to people when they write smart contracts and find that they’re ...
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