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land registry, Records Management, Tokenization, Record Keeping

Jan 14, 2020

Beyond Tokenization

By Bernhard Elsner
. Jan 14, 2020
Many industries are on the brink of the next technological revolution in record keeping. Ten years after Bitcoin made its splash, we’re seeing many inspired by some of the benefits promised by the technology outside of the money use case:
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land registry

Jan 22, 2019

DAML Driven Development: MV37 and HMLR

By Richard Miller
. Jan 22, 2019
Guest post by Richard Miller, Director, MV37 Can DAML — Digital Asset’s smart contract language — help solve the centuries-old issue of land conveyance in the UK? In this fourth of a series of guest blog posts by our partners, customers, and others working with the DAML SDK, MV37’s Richard Miller discusses how DAML is being explored to ...
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