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Mar 12, 2020

Release of DAML SDK 0.13.55

By SDK Release Process
. Mar 12, 2020
DAML SDK 0.13.55 has been released on the 18th of March 2020. You can install it using daml install latest If you're planning to upgrade your DAML SDK to take advantage of our newest features please note that some action may be required on your part. If you're not planning to upgrade then no change is necessary. Summary DAML Script is ...
Feb 20, 2020

Release of DAML SDK 0.13.54

By SDK Release Process
. Feb 20, 2020
Sandbox Removed the warnings regarding static time and scenarios on initialization. We will not deprecate these until we have a stable alternative. If no ledger ID is provided when running against an existing ledger, use the existing ID. Previously, Sandbox would fail to start. DAML Standard Library Add subtractDays to the DAML Standard ...
Feb 19, 2020

Release of DAML SDK 0.13.53

By SDK Release Process
. Feb 19, 2020
DAML Stdlib Restrict the (>>) operator to instances of Action and make it lazy in its second argument. This gives expressions of the form do A; B the desirable semantics of only running B when A is a successful action. Remove the Action and ActionFail instances for Validation in DA.Validation. Please enable the ApplicativeDo language ...
Feb 12, 2020

Release of DAML SDK 0.13.52

By SDK Release Process
. Feb 12, 2020
DAML Assistant The assistant can now do completions for SDK commands, e.g., daml ledger upl will complete to daml ledger upload-dar. The new behavior introduced in 0.13.51 to shut down when stdin is closed is now disabled unless you explicitly enable it by passing --shutdown-stdin-close. DAML Script Add a HasTime instance for Script ...
Feb 5, 2020

Release of DAML SDK 0.13.51

By SDK Release Process
. Feb 5, 2020
JSON API - Experimental In websocket endpoints, if a created and archived contract in the same result array share a contract key, the archived is guaranteed to occur earlier in the array than the created. See issue #4354. DAML Assistant Bash and Zsh completions will now fall back to regular file completions after the command argument. ...
Jan 30, 2020

Release of DAML SDK 0.13.50

By SDK Release Process
. Jan 30, 2020
DAML Compiler damlc test now initializes the packagedb automatically which means that it will work on projects that declare custom dependencies in daml.yaml without having to call damlc init first. Choices marked explicitly as preconsuming are now equivalent to a nonconsuming choice that calls archive self at the beginning. DAML ...
Jan 22, 2020

Release of DAML SDK 0.13.46

By SDK Release Process
. Jan 22, 2020
Sandbox The sandbox uses a new payload format for authentication tokens (JWTs). The old format is deprecated, but still works. Metrics are now namespaced by "daml" and their names have been standardized to snake_case. DAML Studio Scenarios with unserializable result types no longer crash the scenario service. Fix a bug introduced in ...
Jan 15, 2020

Release of DAML SDK 0.13.43

By SDK Release Process
. Jan 15, 2020
DAML Compiler The build-options field from daml.yaml is now also respected when --project-root is used. DAML SDK Docker images for this release and releases in the future are built using the Dockerfile of the corresponding git tag and are therefore stable. Previously, they were updated whenever the Dockerfile changed. Ledger API Server ...
Jan 8, 2020

Release of DAML SDK 0.13.42

By SDK Release Process
. Jan 8, 2020
JSON API - Experimental Rename argument in active contract to payload. See #3826. Change variant JSON encoding. The new format is { tag: data-constructor, value: argument }. For example, if we have: data Foo = Bar Int | Baz, these are all valid JSON encodings for values of type Foo: {"tag": "Bar", "value": 42} {"tag": "Baz", "value": {}} ...
Dec 10, 2019

Release of DAML SDK 0.13.40

By SDK Release Process
. Dec 10, 2019
DAML Compiler The modules DA.Types and GHC.Tuple from daml-prim have been moved to separate DALF packages. Fixed an issue where packages produced by damlc resulted in type errors during validation by DAML engine. Sandbox The sandbox JWT authentication now respects the ledgerId and participantId fields of the token payload. Improve ...


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