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Jan 15, 2020

Release of DAML SDK 0.13.43

By SDK Release Process
. Jan 15, 2020
DAML Compiler The build-options field from daml.yaml is now also respected when --project-root is used. DAML SDK Docker images for this release and releases in the future are built using the Dockerfile of the corresponding git tag and are therefore stable. Previously, they were updated whenever the Dockerfile changed. Ledger API Server ...
Jan 8, 2020

Release of DAML SDK 0.13.42

By SDK Release Process
. Jan 8, 2020
JSON API - Experimental Rename argument in active contract to payload. See #3826. Change variant JSON encoding. The new format is { tag: data-constructor, value: argument }. For example, if we have: data Foo = Bar Int | Baz, these are all valid JSON encodings for values of type Foo: {"tag": "Bar", "value": 42} {"tag": "Baz", "value": {}} ...
Dec 10, 2019

Release of DAML SDK 0.13.40

By SDK Release Process
. Dec 10, 2019
DAML Compiler The modules DA.Types and GHC.Tuple from daml-prim have been moved to separate DALF packages. Fixed an issue where packages produced by damlc resulted in type errors during validation by DAML engine. Sandbox The sandbox JWT authentication now respects the ledgerId and participantId fields of the token payload. Improve ...
Dec 6, 2019

Release of DAML SDK 0.13.39

By SDK Release Process
. Dec 6, 2019
0.13.39 - 2019-12-05 Java Bindings Added authentication support. See issue #3626 DAML Compiler The modules GHC.Prim and GHC.Types from daml-prim have been moved to separate packages. Don't make UndecidableSuperClasses a default language extension for DAML anymore. If you really need this feature for a module, you can reenable it using a ...
Nov 29, 2019

Release of DAML SDK 0.13.38

By SDK Release Process
. Nov 29, 2019
Ledger API Allow non-alphanumeric characters in Ledger API server participant ids (space, colon, hash, slash, dot). Proper fix for change originally attempted in v0.13.36. See issue issue #3327. Add healthcheck endpoints, conforming to the GRPC Health Checking Protocol. It is always SERVING for now. Ledger API Server Ledger API Server ...
Nov 20, 2019

Release of DAML SDK 0.13.37

By SDK Release Process
. Nov 20, 2019
DAML Stdlib Added the NumericScale typeclass, which improves the type inference for Numeric literals, and helps catch the creation of out-of-bound Numerics earlier in the compilation process. fromAnyChoice and fromAnyContractKey now take the template type into account. Navigator Fixed a bug where Navigator becomes unresponsive if the ...
Nov 14, 2019

Release of DAML SDK 0.13.36

By SDK Release Process
. Nov 14, 2019
DAML Compiler Support for incremental builds in daml build using the --incremental=yes flag. This is still experimental and disabled by default but will become enabled by default in the future. On large codebases, this can significantly improve compile times and reduce memory usage. Support for data dependencies on packages compiled with ...
Nov 7, 2019

Release of DAML SDK 0.13.34

By SDK Release Process
. Nov 7, 2019
DAML-LF - Internal Freeze DAML-LF 1.7. Summary of changes (See DAML-LF specification for more details.): Add support for parametrically scaled Numeric type. Drop support of Decimal in favor or Numerics. Add interning of strings and names. This reduces drastically dar file size. Add support for 'Any' type. Add support for type ...
Nov 6, 2019

Release of DAML SDK 0.13.33

By SDK Release Process
. Nov 6, 2019
Navigator Fixed regression in Navigator to properly respect the CLI option --ledger-api-inbound-message-size-max again. See issue #3301. DAML Compiler Reduce the memory footprint of the IDE and the command line tools (ca. 18% in our experiments). Fix compile error caused by instantiating generic templates at Numeric n. The compiler now ...
Oct 18, 2019

Release of DAML SDK v0.13.31

By SDK Release Process
. Oct 18, 2019
Sandbox Party management fix, see issue #3177. The maximum allowed TTL for commands is now configurable via the --max-ttl-seconds parameter, for example: daml sandbox --max-ttl-seconds 300. Fixed a bug where CreatedEvent#event_id field is not properly filled by ActiveContractsService. See issue #65. DAML SDK Shrink docker image ...


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