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Sep 26, 2019

Release of DAML SDK v0.13.27

By SDK Release Process
. Sep 26, 2019
0.13.27 DAML Assistant daml start now supports --sandbox-option=opt, --navigator-option=opt and --json-api-option=opt to pass additional option to sandbox/navigator/json-api. These flags can be specified multiple times. DAML Compiler Fix a bug where generic templates could crash the compiler. Security Fix release signing process. 0.13.26 ...
Sep 18, 2019

Release of DAML SDK v0.13.25

By SDK Release Process
. Sep 18, 2019
Documentation Suppress instance documentation when --data-only mode is requested. DAML-LF Add CAST_NUMERIC and SHIFT_NUMERIC in DAML-LF Change signature of MUL_NUMERIC and DIV_NUMERIC. DAML Integration Kit Fix contract key uniqueness check in kvutils. Preload packages in a background thread in kvutils. Ledger ...
Sep 17, 2019

Release of DAML SDK v0.13.24

By SDK Release Process
. Sep 17, 2019
Java codegen If the DAR source cannot be read, the application crashes and prints an error report. DAML Assistant Java and Scala codegen is now integrated with the assistant and distributed with the SDK. It can be run via daml codegen. You can find more information in the `DAML Assistant documentation ...
Sep 11, 2019

Release of DAML SDK v0.13.23

By SDK Release Process
. Sep 11, 2019
DAML Integration Kit The reference implementation can now spin up multiple nodes, either scaling a single participant horizontally or adding new participants. Check the CLI --help option. The test tool now runs the double spend test on a shared contract in a multi-node setup (as well as single-node). The test tool can now run all ...
Sep 4, 2019

Release of DAML SDK v0.13.22

By SDK Release Process
. Sep 4, 2019
DAML Assistant BREAKING CHANGE Changed the meaning of the source field in the daml.yaml file to be a pointer to the source directory of the DAML code contained in a project relative to the project root. This is breaking projects, where the source field of the project is pointing to a non-toplevel location in the source code directory ...
Aug 29, 2019

Release of DAML SDK v0.13.21

By SDK Release Process
. Aug 29, 2019
DAML Compiler Enable the language extension FlexibleContexts by default. BREAKING CHANGE Enable the language extension MonoLocalBinds by default. let and where bindings introducing polymorphic functions that are used at different types now need an explicit type annotation. Without the type annotation the type of the first use site will ...
Aug 22, 2019

Release of DAML SDK v0.13.20

By SDK Release Process
. Aug 22, 2019
Documentation Added platform-independent tips for testing DAML Compiler Some issues that caused damlc test to crash on shutdown have been fixed. The DAML compiler was accidentally compiled without optimizations on Windows. This has been fixed which should improve the performance of damlc and daml studio on Windows. damlc build should no ...
Aug 15, 2019

Release of DAML SDK v0.13.19

By SDK Release Process
. Aug 15, 2019
Sandbox Fixed a bug that prevented the ledger from loading transactions with empty workflow ids. Fixed internal shutdown order to avoid dead letter warnings when stopping Sandbox/Ledger API Server. See issue #1886. DAML Studio Added a new command for visualizing a project in the IDE. Print stack trace when a scenario fails. Various ...
Aug 7, 2019

Release of DAML SDK v0.13.18

By SDK Release Process
. Aug 7, 2019
DAML Docs For damlc docs, the --template argument now takes the path to a Mustache template when generating Markdown, Rst, and HTML output. The template can use title and body variables to control the appearance of the docs. DAML Assistant Spaces in user names or other parts of file names should now be handled correctly. The daml deploy ...
Aug 1, 2019

Release of DAML SDK v0.13.16

By SDK Release Process
. Aug 1, 2019
DAML Compiler BREAKING CHANGE Handwritten instances of Template and Choice typeclasses are no longer supported. All template constructs must be defined using declarations inside template syntax. DAML Docs The damlc docs command now produces docs to a folder by default. Use the new --combine flag to output a single file instead. The damlc ...


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